Best Programming Languages for Engineers

Best Programming Languages for Engineers
Best Programming Languages for Engineers

Programming languages are special commands given to computer to build a computer app or software. Most engineering students think that programming skills are only necessary for computer science, other think that their major doesn’t require programming skills. However, today’s industries require engineering professionals not only to be qualified technically but technologically too. Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age.

Programming skills can help engineers in solving computational and analytical problems. Moreover, programming can help engineers in analytical and critical thinking, math and creativity. Therefore, it is required for all engineers to learn and implement the computer programming languages. Programming is a required course in many engineering schools.

Energy engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, system engineers or architects, control system engineers and electronics engineers, among other branches, all need to use computer coding or software programming in the workplace. Without the basic skills of programming language, an engineer will face many problems in workplace.

We’ve researched and picked best programming languages for engineers. The programming languages listed here are also in high demand in the industry these days. There are many programming languages but many experts suggest the following programming languages for engineers to learn. The languages listed here are ordered randomly. Let’s check the list of “Best Programming Languages for Engineers“!

#1 Python

Python Language

Python was released by Python Software Foundation company in December 1989, it has evolved much since then as new features are added each year. It is one of the easiest programming languages for anyone to learn. Python has a simple syntax (code less, get more done) and is easy to learn.

Python is so popular that many big companies like Facebook and Google are using it for their software systems and platforms. The major advantage of python is its ease in readability. It also requires very less effort to write a program as compared to other programming languages.

The only major issue associated with python is the speed which is less as compared to other programming languages. Python is mostly used by data scientists and data engineers as well as by artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) experts.

#2 C Language

C Language
C Language, Image Courtesy of AdobeStock

C programming language is one of the oldest languages developed by Denis Ritchie in 1970s. Initially, an operating system was developed by this language. Now, it is widely used and is a general purpose programming language.

It has various features that makes it more in demand in the market. One of its major advantage is that C coding made in one environment can be used in any environment without any variations. It is because the language is independent of any machine. We also can break down C coding into various functions and they all will all run individually without any problem.

More miscellaneous features include clean style, relatively fast speed, extensive libraries, and easy management of memory.


C++ Programming Language
C++ Programming Language, Image Courtesy of AdobeStock

C++ language is considered the superset of C language, it was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the C programming language, or “C with Classes. It is also one of the object-oriented (OO) programming languages with various features. With the release of C++ in 1979, it eliminated the drawbacks of C language including namespace feature and reference variables support.

The main advantage of C++ over C lies in the fact that C++ supports both object oriented and procedural programming while C only supports procedural programming. C++ programming finds application in various operating systems, banking applications, compilers, browsers, and high-end graphic games.


JAVA Programming Language
JAVA Programming Language, Image Courtesy of AdobeStock

Java is one of robust, efficient, and highly secure programming languages. Java is a fully object-oriented language. It was developed in 1995 by J. Gosling. Java is an open-source and independent of platforms language, which means it supports all the operating system.

Although some features found in C and C++ like pointers, and multiple inheritance is not found in JAVA but features like availability of open source libraries, true object-oriented, dynamic capability, and multi-threading makes JAVA superior to other languages. Most of the gadgets, IoT devices and machines use Java language for their software.



MATLAB is both considered as scripting language and computing environment. MATLAB is very useful for engineers who want to do numerical analysis. It is versatile, simple, and easy to learn as compared to other programming languages. However, this language is mainly used for engineering calculations and simulation purposes as it is more focused on mathematical procedures and models. The language is not available for free.

MATLAB provides enormous library of mathematical functions for linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, filtering, optimization, numerical integration and solving ordinary differential equations. It also offers built-in graphics for visualizing data and tools for creating custom plots.


Engineers should have knowledge of programming languages to succeed in getting good job and in the course of their career. Programming experience will help engineers in many ways for example, control system engineers work with different technologies such as PLC devices which needs programming languages, electronic engineers needs to program electronic devices such as microcontrollers or PCBs, energy engineers needs programming to calculate and simulate energy designs. We will summarize these languages here.

Python language is getting popular day by day because of its simplicity and major applications in the real world. Robotics, web scanning, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development are the key application areas of python language. C/C++ is the ancestors of these languages like python and JAVA, however they both still finds applications in industries because of their salient features. If you want to have expertise in software development or web app development, Java is the best option you can go for while MATLAB is more specialized and specific language for mathematical and numerical analysis only.

In addition to the programming languages listed above, other languages such as C# which is developed by Microsoft and is similar to Java, Microsoft VB (VBA) and PHP are also good languages for engineers.

Aimal Khan
Aimal Khan is the founder & CEO of Engineering Passion. He is an engineer and has obtained his bachelor's degree in energy engineering from Kandahar University.