Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation

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Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation

Synopsis : A definitive guide to energy systems engineering―thoroughly updated for the latest technologies!

Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation

Written by a team of experts in the industry, this comprehensive resource discusses fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy and lays out technology-neutral, portfolio-based approaches to energy systems. You will get complete coverage of all of the major energy technologies, including how they work, how they are quantitatively evaluated, what they cost, and their impact on the natural environment. The authors show how each technique is currently used―and offer a look into the future of energy systems engineering.

Thoroughly revised to include the latest advances, Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation, Third Edition, clearly addresses project scope estimation, cost, energy consumption, and technical efficiency. Example problems demonstrate the performance of each technology and teach, step-by-step, how to assess strengths and weaknesses. Hundreds of illustrations and end-of-chapter exercises aid in your understanding of the concepts presented. Valuable appendices contain reference tables, unit conversions, and thermodynamic constants.

Coverage includes:

  • Systems and economic tools
  • Climate change and climate modeling
  • Fossil fuel resources
  • Stationary combustion systems
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Nuclear energy systems, including small-scale nuclear fusion
  • Solar resources
  • Solar photovoltaic technologies
  • Active and passive solar thermal systems
  • Wind energy systems and wind turbine designs for lower wind speeds
  • Bioenergy resources and systems
  • Waste-to-energy conversion
  • Transportation energy technologies, including electric vehicles
  • Systems perspective on transportation energy
  • Creating the twenty-first-century energy system

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