Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future

Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future

Lasse Rouhiainen

Are you looking for an interesting book on artificial intelligence and machine learning? Don’t miss out, read this amazing book on AI!

Did you know that artificial intelligence is changing our world faster than we can imagine?
It will impact every area of our lives.

And this is happening whether we like it or not.

Artificial intelligence will help us do almost everything better, faster and cheaper, and it will profoundly change industries such as transportation, tourism, healthcare, education, retail, agriculture, finance, sales and marketing. In fact, AI will dramatically change our entire society.

You might have heard that many jobs will be replaced by automation and robots, but did you also know that at the same time a huge number of new jobs will be created by AI?

This book covers many fascinating and timely topics related to artificial intelligence, including: self-driving cars, robots, chatbots, and how AI will impact the job market, business processes, and entire industries, just to name a few.

This book is divided into ten chapters:
Chapter I: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Chapter II: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Many Industries
Chapter III: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business Processes
Chapter IV: Chatbots and How They Will Change Communication
Chapter V: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Job Market
Chapter VI: Self-Driving Cars and How They Will Change Traffic as We Know It
Chapter VII: Robots and How They Will Change Our Lives
Chapter VIII: Artificial Intelligence Activities of Big Technology Companies
Chapter IX: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part I
Chapter X: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part II

To enhance your learning experience and help make the concepts easier to understand, there are more than 85 visual presentations included throughout the book.

You will learn the answers to 101 questions about artificial intelligence, and also have access to a large number of resources, ideas and tips that will help you to understand how artificial intelligence will change our lives.

Who is this book for?
Managers and business professionals
Marketers and influencers
Entrepreneurs and startups
Consultants and coaches
Educators and teachers
Students and life-long learners
And everyone else who is interested in our future.

Are you ready to discover how artificial intelligence will impact your life? This guidebook offers a multitude of tools, techniques and strategies that every business and individual can quickly apply and benefit from. 

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