Building Construction Illustrated

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Building Construction Illustrated

Synopsis : The #1 visual guide to building construction principles, updated with the latest materials, methods, and systems. This book is written specifically for undergraduate civil engineering students by renowned authors in the field of geotechnical engineering.

Building Construction Illustrated

For over four decades, Building Construction Illustrated has been the leading visual guide to the principles of building construction. Filled with rich illustrations and in-depth content by renowned author Francis D.K. Ching, offers students and practicing professionals the information needed to understand concepts in residential and commercial construction, architecture, and structural engineering.

This Sixth Edition of Building Construction Illustrated has been revised throughout to reflect the latest advancements in building design, materials, and systems, including resilient design, diagrids, modular foundation systems, smart façade systems, lighting sources, mass timber materials, and more. It features new illustrations and updated information on sustainability and green building, insulation materials, and fire-rated wall and floor assemblies. This respected, industry-standard guide remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest in codes and standards requirements, including IBC, LEED, and CSI MasterFormat.

This Sixth Edition:

#1 The leading illustrated guide to building construction fundamentals, written and detailed in Frank Ching’s signature, illustrative style

#2 Includes all-new sections on resilient design; diagrids; modular foundation systems; smart façade types and systems; lighting sources and systems; and mass timber materials, cross-laminated timber (CLT), and nail laminated timber (NLT)

#3 Revised to reflect the latest updates in codes and standards requirements: 2018 International Building Code (IBC), LEED v4, and CSI MasterFormat 2018

#4 Includes updated information on sustainability and green building; insulation materials; stair uses; stoves and inserts, and fire-rated wall and floor assemblies

#5 Offers instructors access to an Instructor’s Manual with review questions

Building Construction Illustrated, Sixth Edition is an excellent book for students in architecture, civil and structural engineering, construction management, and interior design programs. Ching communicates these core principles of building construction in a way that resonates with those beginning their education and those well into their careers looking to brush up on the basics. Building Construction Illustrated is a reliable, lifelong guide that practicing architects, engineers, construction managers, and interior designers, will turn to time and again throughout their careers.

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