Saudi Arabia’s 300 MW Utility-Scale Solar PV Plant Goes Live

Saudi Arabian energy and water company ACWA has announced the successful completion of the 300 MW Sakaka Solar PV project.

Built with an investment of $319m, Sakaka Solar PV plant was connected to the national grid about a month and a half ahead of the projected schedule and has already started commercial operation pilot phase. The power company expects to achieve full commercial operation by the end of 2019.

A 3D Rendered Solar PV Array Model in Desert
A 3D Rendered Solar PV Array Model in Desert – Courtesy of AdobeStock

Sakaka is Saudi Arabia’s second operational solar power plant and a part of King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative. This 300 MW project will provide clean power from solar energy to households in Al Jouf region, selling the power at $0.0236/kWh, it will reduce the country’s carbon dioxide emission by 500 tonnes annually.

ACWA Power chairman Mohammad Abunayyan said:

“We are confident to deliver the project on schedule and commercial operation of the plant before the end of this year at the highest levels of quality, safety, and security.”

“The solar project has established a 100% local employment rate within the first year of operation, with 90% of the workforce comprised by the youth of [the] Al Jouf region,” said the Saudi power company.

The Sakaka Solar PV project was the first large scale PV facility proposed by Saudi Arabia. Sakaka is a large Solar PV power plant however, it’s not the largest one. The World’s Largest Solar PV Power Plant ‘Tengger Desert Solar Park’ located in China with a capacity of 1,547 MW, covering an area of 43 KM squared.

More PV Plant Projects for ACWA Power

Dubai's 900 MW Solar PV Project
Dubai’s 900 MW Solar PV Project

ACWA Power has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Egyptian government recently to develop, finance, build and operate the 200 MW Kom Ombo photovoltaic power plant which is expected to be operational by 2021. In addition to this ACWA Power recently won the bid for 900 MW Dubai Solar PV project.

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